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The Tetris games were first developed in 1985 in Russia by Alexey Pajitnov and a few others of his colleagues at the Russian Academy of Sciences. It was touted to be a mind game as the structure of the game required great concentration and analytic skills. It is thus a great way to sharpen your brain skills in an interesting way.

Even when you get addicted to the game, you will never feel bored as each game is different in its operation. In order to play Tetris, you can easily play it on the computer versions which are marketed by the Tetris Company.

The game is now available in many online gaming websites which have developed free Tetris games for all kinds of gaming lovers. Since the game is purely symbolic and analytical, it contains absolutely no violent contents and is thus very suitable for children, young adults and adults too. It encourages the mind to think while it has to arrange the tetrads or the “four squares” along a single horizontal line, without leaving any gaps in between. The games structure is like a well.

There is a continuous falling of the four squared structures, the “Tetris” from which the name of the game is derived. These four squared blocks have to be turned and manipulated so that they fall in a single line. When a line is formed, without any gaps in between, the level is completed and the player moves on to the next level, where the Tetris may consists of more than four squares. These are code-named “Tetrominoes”. It is a challenge to organize and move the squares accordingly, and complete as many single lines as you can within the stipulated time.

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